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Just in case you still have some questions please check out these frequently asked questions.




Frequently Asked Questions

How old/tall do you have to be to take a ride in a shpere?
You can be as old or young as you're freeballin heart desires however, you must be at least 48 inches high to safely ride a Freeballin Sphere. We got one of those line things on site

Are there any weight limitations?
The single rider weight limit is 250 lbs. and the combined rider weight limit is 480 lbs.

Is Freeballin USA insured?
Are you kidding, this is America, Yes - we have the appropriate business insurance to operate our licensed Freeballin facilities

Can my friends and family come to watch and take pictures/video?
Absolutely! all pictures can be taken from outside of the ride away from the track. We also offer picture, video packages

Is there a facility for me to change my clothing?
Not yet needed or available at the Richardson Adventure Farm and Corn Maze or the Chicago Il. site. We've got bathrooms if you need em, and if you really want to change then thats cool

Can I purchase gift vouchers?
Yes - click here to purchase online or give us a call at 815-276-2125

Do you sell Spheres to the general public?
YES, 2015 is our first year in sales of the only safe and insurable downhill zorbing equipment. For more information visit our Freeballin Store and/or give us a call/email and lets get rolling contact us.


Are consents required for persons under 18 years old?
Yes - if under 18 years of age a parent or guardian must complete a waiver in order for you to participate in our zorbing activities. If particpating in a group activity (such as a school event) a group supervisor over the age of 21 may provide consent assuming he/she has been given authority by a legal guardian to do so.

What else you got? If your pregnant, claustiphobic (tough one to spell), have any kind of physical, mental, or self inflicted ailment that may prevent you from safely enjoying the ride then we ask that you please refrain from Freeballin in the USA. We ask that you go Freeballin only if your up for it, you know who you are..