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This is not your normal theme park! Come and experience Freeballin USA.

Free Falling in a Big Ball Down a Hill = Freeballin in the USA

At Freeballin USA we operate the safest best quality spheres in the business! Known as the "Downhill Master" this is an eleven foot tall sphere which is lined with a two foot cushion to ensure all of our guests experience a quality, enjoyable ride.

Our spheres are constructed for both a single and multiple (up to 3) riders. The longer runs are approximately several hundred feet. Interested in enhancing your ride? Try our Go PRO camera's, capture live action as you record your experience from inside the balls.

There are many ways to enjoy a ride at Freeballin USA:
The Spin - Strap yourself in by 8 strategically placed harnesses manufactured in Germany (NOT MADE IN CHINA CRAP THAT FALLS APART AND IS UNSAFE) and away you go. 10 - 13 spins on an 15% inclined hill for the laugh of your life, lose your mind without losing your lunch.
The Spin with a Friend - Strap yourself and your best friend in by 9 strategically placed Shroth Race Car Harnesses manufactured in Germany and away you two go. 10-13 spins on an 15% inclined hill for the laugh of your life. Lose your mind without losing your lunch.
NOT YET AVAIL. The Spa - This ball has one hole, get in, we add 5 gallons of water, close off the hole and down the hill you go sliding around in 10 - 13 revolutions on an 15% inclined hill.
Several ground rides for the kids.
Several team building rides for prizes.

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